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Kajitani Studio


 Yoshika Kajitani

​The roots of my desire to make dolls come from the small ceramic dolls I found at souvenir shops with my mother and the smiles on the dolls of my home town that I found in the flea markets I walked through with my father.

I would like to continue to make dolls steeped in Japanese culture that add color to life.




Born in Nara, raised in the four seasons

Influenced by my uncle's and my father's love of art, I toured the old temples, flea markets, art galleries and museum's of Nara and became fascinated in the local dolls and Japan's traditional arts and crafts.


Specialized in oil painting at the art department of Nara Kashihara Academy High School


Kyoto University of Art and Design (currently attending), Ceramics Course at Kyoto Junior College of Art and Design


Graduation work exhibition, pottery doll production at Kyoto Junior College of Art and Design

Admission to the Advanced Course Completion of the Advanced Course


Kyoto Exhibition All Kansai Exhibition Tenten


1st Ceramic Biennale '89


2nd International Ceramics Exhibition Mino '89


Kanazawa Craft Award Competition '91

Introducing the Studio​



Pottery Classes

Potters Wheel Experience


The workshop is wheelchair accessible.

Please contact us to ask about a pottery class visit.

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